Öztiryakiler electric chip scuttle özellik ve teknik özellikleri.

ÜRÜN KODU 7831.N1.40603.01


* Stainless steel top.

* Joint bar for easy attachment with other appliances

* 2 different installation options; fixed on closed, fixed on suspended systems.

* Special designed gap behind the equipment for gas,electrical and water installation materials.

* All major components are located at the front for easy maintenance.

* Joining system gives posibillity to modify or substitute the appliances even long after they have been installed.

* All stainless steel construction designed to avoid any infiltration.

* Top, sides, back, front panels and control consoles in stainless steel with satin scotchbrite finish.

* Top modules are equipped with 20 mm adjustable feet.

* Recommended for use in combination with a fryer to allow excess oil to drip in the basin

* The appliance is used to keep servings warm until ready to be served to customer

* Increased holding time with infrared heating element on the back side of the unit

* Perforated false bottom shape for easy food collection

  • TİP gas
  • EN (mm) 400
  • BOY (mm) 600
  • YÜKSEKLİK (mm) 240
  • NET AĞIRLIK (Kg) 12
  • VOLT 220/240 V - NPE
  • FREKANS 50/60

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